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moreSafe - your password-manager und password-safe

Store your important personal data such as passwords or PINs comfortably and securely with moreSafe.

moreSafe stores your data with a 256-bit-AES-encryption that can only be read with your password. So moreSafe is the secure safe for your passwords and other important personal data. A password-manager that is easy and intuitive to use.

For each process you enter your data in an appropriate form. That is easily and clearly:

  • General data (userID, password)
  • Bank-data (data for account, PIN)
  • EC-card (data for card, PIN)
  • Creditcard (data for card, PIN)
  • Mobile Phone (telefonnumber, PINs und PUCs, data of contract)
  • Internet-adresses (URL, data for access)
  • Mail-data (mail-adress, data for mail-server)
  • Software-licenses

For each entry you can store additional hints.

moreSafe will run on all operating systems beginning with windows 7 (32- and 64-bit).

moreSafe supports english and german.

Test the application for 15 days without any risk.
Here you get the demo-version will full functionality!

Buy now and use immediately! 
Buy here now!
Buy here online and use the product immediately.
Now with free 6-months update-guarantee!

Here is the version for Android:
Please download this version directly to your Android mobile phone (start Internet Explorer in your mobile phone, go to and click on moreSafe). If you are using a released desktop version, you can then use SYNC to upload your PC data to your mobile phone. Otherwise, you can try the application with the demo files. In this case please use the password: test .
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